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I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Resilient, Low-Carbon Energy Systems at the Power and Energy Division, The University of Manchester, UK.

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I am a power systems engineer working as a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) since 2017 in the Power and Energy Division at The University of Manchester, UK, currently leading a team of ten researchers (5 post-doctoral research associates and 5 PhD students). My research focuses on the development of integrated techno-economic frameworks for supporting the decision-making and planning of resilient, low-carbon energy networks and interdependent critical infrastructures.

I have published more than 60 research articles in high-impact journals and international conferences, and delivered more than 30 invited presentations in world-leading conferences and organizations (including Universities, regulators and network operators). I hold a research portfolio of total worth >£10m, funded by the UK research councils, the European commission and industrial stakeholders. The applications and impact of my research works expands beyond Europe to countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa. I was a leading member of the team that was awarded the 2018 Newton Prize, an annual award by the British government to international projects that demonstrated excellence in impact, research and innovation.

I am an IEEE Senior Member, IET CEng and the co-chair of the CIGRE WG C4.47 "Power System Resilience". I am also currently the co-chair of the Climate Adaptation WG in the EPSRC Supergen Energy Networks Hub. I have contributed to several industrial outputs (e.g., the recent report by the Energy Research Partnership, UK, on the UK electricity system resilience) and professional outputs (e.g., the reference paper from the CIGRE WG C4.47 on defining power system resilience and the resilience report by the CIRED WG on Distribution Grid Resilience).

I am interested in working with highly motivated and talented researchers in these (or similar) areas. Please see current vacancies here or get in touch if you are interested in working together.

Research Interests

Resilience assessment and adaptation to high-impact, low-probability events

Risk and resilience-based planning considering flexibility and uncertainty

Grid integration of low-carbon, distributed energy technologies

Integrated modelling and optimisation of co-dependent critical infrastructures

Current Research Projects
 "FutureDAMS: Design and assessment of water-energy-food-environment megasystems", ESRC - GCRF, £8m, 2017-2021, Case Study Countries: Ghana, Myanmar, East Africa Power Pool. Lead Organisation: University of Manchester
"CROSS BOrder management of variable renewable energies and storage units enabling a transnational Wholesale market" (CROSSBOW), £18m,  2017-2021, Application in Southeastern Europe, Lead Organisation: ETRA Group, Spain, Technical Coordinator: The University of Manchester
 "Techno-Economic framework for Resilient and Sustainable Electrification", EPSRC - GCRF, £1.2m,  2018-2021, Overseas partners: Xiamen University, China, and UTeM, Malaysia. Lead Organisation: University of Manchester
"Resilient Planning of Low-Carbon Power Systems", Newton Fund, £200k (2018 Newton Prize),  2020-2021, Overseas partners: University of Chile and University of Costa Rica. Lead Organisation: University of Manchester
"Forward Resilience Measures (Stage 1)", National Grid, £426,291, 2020-2021, Lead Organisation: The University of Manchester
"EUniversal: Market Enabling Interface to Unlock Flexibility Solutions for Cost-Effective Management of Smarter Distribution Grids", EU H2020, £8.5m,  2020-2023, Lead Organisation: EDP Distribution, Portugal
Current Vacancies

​I am always interested in discussing opportunities with talented and ambitious researchers. If you have relevant experience and would like to work on (or similar) areas of the above listed please get in touch!

Recent Publications
Complete list of publications and other outputs here
  • R. Moreno et al., "From Reliability to Resilience: Planning the Grid Against the Extremes," in IEEE Power and Energy Magazine, vol. 18, no. 4, pp. 41-53, July-Aug. 2020

  • Jose M. Gonzalez, James E. Tomlinson, Julien J. Harou, Eduardo A. Martínez Ceseña, Mathaios Panteli, Andrea Bottacin-Busolin, Anthony Hurford, Marcelo A. Olivares, Afzal Siddiquid, Tohid Erfani, Kenneth M. Strzepek, Pierluigi Mancarella, Joseph Mutale, Emmanuel Obuobie, Abdulkarim H. Seid, Aung Ze Ya, "Spatial and sectoral benefit distribution in water-energy system design", Applied Energy, vol. 269, July 2020

  • S. Espinoza, A. Poulos, H. Rudnick, J. C. de la Llera, M. Panteli and P. Mancarella, "Risk and Resilience Assessment With Component Criticality Ranking of Electric Power Systems Subject to Earthquakes," IEEE Systems Journal, vol. 14, no. 2, pp. 2837-2848, June 2020

  • Tomas Lagos, Rodrigo Moreno, Alejandro Navarro, Mathaios Panteli, Rafael Sacaan, Fernando Ordonez, Hugh Rudnick, and Pierluigi Mancarella, “Identifying Optimal Portfolios of Resilient Network Investments Against Natural Hazards, With Applications to Earthquakes”, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 35, no. 2, pp. 1411-1421, March 2020

  • Y. Zhou, M. Panteli, B. Wang, and P. Mancarella, “Quantifying the System-Level Resilience of Thermal Power Generation to Extreme Temperatures and Water Scarcity”, IEEE Systems Journal, vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 749-759, March 2020

  • E. A. Martinez Cesena, N. Good, M. Panteli, J. Mutale, and P. Mancarella, “Flexibility in Sustainable Electricity Systems: Multi-vector and Multi-sector Nexus Perspectives”, IEEE Electrification Magazine, Vol. 7, no. 2, June 2019



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